Worlds first software only lasertag app

A lasertag app that allows anyone to play lasertag by themselves or with their friends anytime anywhere using only their phone and internet connection.

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About the App is a lasertag app that uses gps geolocation and compass device orientation web APIs. With this information a user can use any device and point at any other device acting as a target, turret, or player and register a hit in real time.

Target mode is a single player mode where a user can practice their aim at a target. Turret mode sends a hit back and encourages the user to move around as they play. Multiplayer mode allows users to invite friends from their friends list into a customizable game lobby.

Currently only target mode is available and is free to play with other features coming soon. Transition into iOS and Android stores is in the works in addition to Augmented Reality.

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Lasergun Mode

Lasergun view to point and shoot at target

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Target Mode

Target view to practice shooting skills

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Turret Mode

Turret view to practice dodging skills

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Multiplayer Mode

Custom lobby games with friends

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Currently looking for Investors/Sponsors!

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Let's Get In Touch! will be presenting its idea at the monthly Founders Live Chicago Event April 19th, 2017.

Creator/Developer: Serge Urakhchin